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6 Taco We Eat In Los Angeles

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One of the earliest and the most common Mexican foods that proliferated the American food culture, ‘the taco’ is simply a corn-flour tortilla wrapped around a variety of tasty fillings – however, its simplicity should not be confused with its mouth-watering taste.

From chicken tacos to ground beef-filled tacos, tacos have become as much a part of the American culinary landscape as hamburgers and Mac and Cheese. In fact, not only has the taco’s spicy taste found its way to just about every corner of the world but it is also becoming the acclaimed symbol of Mexican food.

Eating tacos in fast-food chains or street-side food trucks, you might think that you have tasted authentic tacos, but, in reality, Mexican fast food is a far cry from authentic Mexican cuisine.

Tacos come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and therefore, we have tried to incorporate various types of these mouth-watering soul food in our Frida Glendale tacos menu. At Frida Americana, we pride ourselves in serving the best tacos in Los Angeles with an authentic Mexican touch.

Chicken tacos
Who does not like to eat beautifully-cooked marinated chicken shoved in a thin soft corn tortilla? We serve some of the most lip-smacking chicken tacos filled with the best toppings. We top this luscious treat with fresh cilantro and onions to add a little more flavor. Our signature styled chicken tacos are served with rice and refried beans, making it a perfect meal.

Beef tacos
Beef tacos are the most-loved tacos of our Frida Glendale tacos menu. Taking just a little extra time to moist the beef is what we believe makes all the difference in our authentic Mexican recipe. We source only the best beef – the reason behind our juicy tacos. And just to add some more some pizazz, we top our beef tacos with the freshest cilantro and sinful onions, to give the tacos its heavenly taste.

Fish Tacos
Without a doubt, the quality of the tortilla and the fillings defines a great-tasting taco. Even the best taco in the world can be brought down if the fillings are stale or the tortilla not cooked to the perfection. This is why we only source the best fish to go with our tacos topped with the garden fresh ingredients.

And if you ever wondered what makes our fish tacos so special and different than others – we are letting the secret out. It’s our special chipotle sauce that makes all the difference. When served with steaming rice and spicy beans, these tacos make a great meal.

Steak tacos
Steak tacos are our specialty. We offer two types of steak tacos: One with grilled marinated Ribeye, and other with Charbroiled filet mignon. The meat in both the tacos is cooked to perfection, so you can devour its flavor down till the last bite. We serve these with spicy refried beans and hot rice.

Pork tacos
The secret to a great pork taco is to cook the meat long and slow to let the juices flow, so it becomes meltingly tender. Our selection of pork tacos will leave your mouth watering as soon as you sink your teeth into it.

Vegetarian tacos
Tacos are often considered as a meaty meal, but we at vegetarian Mexican restaurant Glendale have incorporated a special vegetarian menu to satisfy the taste buds of our vegetarian clientele. Our vegetarian tacos are filled with sautéed asparagus and zucchini, and then topped with guacamole, – all these between a thin, soft corn tortilla, so you can enjoy the freshness of all the ingredients. These are served with white rice and black beans.

Whether you are joining us for a quick bite, or happy hour after work, or even a date night, we promise to always serve you the best authentic Mexican Tacos.