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Best restaurants to have lunch in Glendale, CA

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One of the best ways to experience a city and its culture is through its food. Food is such a significant part of any culture, and it really teaches you about the city, its traditions, and people. LA’s neighbouring city has quite an impressive restaurant scene of its own, a confluence of cultures that is best known for its kebab houses, Armenian bakeries, Italian delis, and Mexican restaurants.

Here is a short guide to the best restaurants in Glendale, CA to help you embark on your next culinary adventure.

1) Raffi’s Place

If you are hankering for a plate full of grilled kebabs and Persian rice, then you must try this Glendale hotspot. Touted as the best middle eastern restaurants, it is known for its large servings and gigantic skewers of chicken, lamb, and beef kebabs. The massive indoor-outdoor restaurant is frequented by large parties and homesick Persians on the lookout for delicious, home-style food.

Raffi’s Place

2) Din Tai Fung

If you are in a mood to savor traditional steamed and soup dumplings, then head over to Din Tai Fung – a stylish, sleek, and modern restaurant. It’s famous for its signature juicy pork and chicken dumplings served in thin-skinned pouches. Their soup dumpling with a slice of truffle layered on top of traditional, minced pork, gives the menu a modern twist.

Din Tai Fung

3) Carousel Restaurant

Carousel Restaurant has been serving delicious Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine for more than twenty years. Famous for its authentic Meza and a wide variety of kebabs, it’s the go-to-place for some lip-smacking Lebanese food. Recipes inspired from age-old traditions; chef Mrs Rose Tcholakian serves authentic dishes such as Jhawaneh Provencial, Fatayer (Cheese Boreg). Frri (Quail), Kofta (Kbbeh Maklieh), Chi-Kofta among favourites such as such as hummus, falafel and tabouleh. If you care to skip the lunch, the place gets alive every weekend with an electrifying show of belly dancers where you can dance the night away.

Carousel Restaurant

4) Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

Serving classics that includes Cuban sandwiches, fresh-out-of-the oven rolls, Latin snacks, and perhaps the best cakes. Decadent pastries, light as air cupcakes, and authentic bundt cakes will leave you craving for more!

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

5) Frida Americana

Committed to honouring the ancient, traditional Mexican recipes, Frida Americana serves traditional and modern dishes inspired from the many regions of Mexico. Made from only the freshest ingredients, the delicious dishes capture the soul of the Mexican cuisine. It’s a classy establishment where you can savor mouth-watering tacos – handmade and rolled fresh, and a variety of enchiladas- favorite of many. The homemade desserts including delicious churros and traditional flan are must-haves at this upscale Mexican restaurant. No doubt, it’s frequently ranked as one of the best restaurants in Glendale, CA.

Frida Mexican Cuisine Restuarant

Frida Mexican Cuisine Restuarant