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An Alternative to Hot Dogs and Burgers on Memorial Day

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Memorial, day, celebrated at the end of the month of May, precisely on the last Monday of May, has been over the years to commemorate the lives and sacrifices of those men and women who have lost their lives in order to serve as part of the countrys armed forces. While it may seem the same, it mustnt be confused with veterans day, which marks as a day for the military veterans who have served the country.

Being an important day, especially for those whose family and friends have sacrificed their lives to serve the nation, many gather in cemeteries to honor those whom they have lost. It also wouldnt be surprising to see people carrying lunch boxes while they gather together to have a pot-lunch as a way to meet old acquaintances and family members in order to spend time with them.

For those who see lunch as an opportunity to catch up on the months spent apart, hot dogs and burgers are certainly a hit among most people when they think of Memorial day celebrations. Many television channels, too, indulge viewers with all the special burger and hot dog recipes to try out on this special occasion. Trying something new once in awhile, however, is sure to make the day all the more worthwhile, considering the importance of the occasion and the rarity of the gathering taking place. Heading to a Mexican restaurant for a change that serves delicious food, giving you a chance to have a lovely meal with your loved ones, is certainly a wonderful way to spend your day.


With the tradition of hot dogs and burgers being carried out every year on memorial day, it might get monotonous over the years as well, eventually making you take the day for granted. Memorial day is more than that, giving you the perfect opportunity to spend the day with your close friends and families, and strengthening the bond with your acquaintances over the years. And what better way to do it than to have a scrumptious lunch or dinner together by gorging on Mexican food.

Meeting your friends and family at a restaurant would also give you ample of time to catch up while you wait for your order to be delivered to your table. After all, the combination of Mexican food with your loved ones into the picture sure to make the day even more wonderful.

So this Memorial Day, go ahead and make a change from the conventional ways you have spending this day and make the most of your time with your loved ones.