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The menu at Frida Restaurant in Glendale is nothing short of exquisite. We have built our reputation on these extensive menus featuring exceptional variations of traditional dishes which are rich with the zesty, piquant seasonings and flavorings of regional Mexican and local California cuisines.

Before the main course, we always recommend a tasty appetizer. We offer an unsurpassed selection of flavorful authentic ceviches from various regions of Mexico, along with other mouth-watering options. Our guacamole will be prepared at your table so that you can see just how fresh it is.

To insure that Frida Americana has the best Mexican restaurant menu in Glendale, our entrees include delicious specialties such as:

To top off your wonderful meal, we offer a Dessert Menu with a great selection of sweet treats and coffees: Crepas con Cajeta (crepes with dulce de leche), Pastel de Tres Leches (three milks cake), Chocolate Lava Cake, Flan Napolitano and Churros. Along with traditional Café de Olla, we also serve Mexican Coffee consisting of Tequila, Kahlua, coffee and whipped cream.