750 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210

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Frida Americana’s energetic atmosphere surrounds you with good cheer from the moment you first step into our spacious establishment. A large part of that captivating atmosphere comes from the many specials that we offer to our valued guests almost every day of the week. Frida Glendale’s taco menu is especially superb, with several different options including Chicken, Asada, Carnitas, and Pastor. Tostadas and enchiladas are also available on our daily specials menu.

With the exception of Sunday’s Mariachi brunch, Frida’s daily specials are only available at our bar. However, our beautiful bar is always a happening spot, especially for sporting events and happy hour with its six large flat screen televisions. Our drink menu includes a complete line of tequilas, spirits, beers and wine. Our specialty cocktails like mojitos, martinis and piña coladas are customer favorites. We also pride ourselves on being the best margarita restaurant in Glendale, serving margaritas that are acclaimed for their size and taste. We are proud to offer superb, distinctive and refined 100% agave tequilas – clear blancos, golden reposados and dark añejos from top brands like Herradura, Don Julio and Patron.