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Frida Americana takes pride in offering the best drinks menu in Glendale. We offer a complete line of tequilas, mixed tequila drinks, spirits, beers, and wine. While our margaritas are acclaimed for their size and taste, our tequila cocktails allow you to explore the versatility of tequila. We offer some of the greatest cocktails, including mojitos, martinis, pina coladas which are just some of our customer favorites.

Located in the premier outdoor shopping center at The Americana At Brand, Frida Americana provides an enchanting atmosphere with excellent drinks and cocktails.  With happy hour offered seven days a week, Frida Americana is your ideal Mexican hangout, tequila restaurant or cocktail bar – whichever way you’d like to see it -whether you live in Burbank, Hollywood, Pasadena, or Los Angeles.

So please peruse our menu selections. If you’re looking for tequila drinks and cocktails, margaritas, handcrafted cocktails this is the place to be. Join us at Frida Americana for an unforgettable experience.


2oz Pour
Clase Azul Reposado25
Don Julio 194230
Reserva De La Familia30
Patron Platinum40
Siete Leguas D’Antaño50
Don Julio Real60
Patron Gran Burdeos80
Avion Reserva 4430
1800 Milenio30
Casa Dragones Joven40
Clase Azul Mezcal50
Patron Piedra60
Clase Azul Añejo80