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Frida Handcrafted Cocktails – Sweet and Yummy

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Every element in a crafted cocktail is made with unique thought and adds to the ultimate flavor of the drink. These drinks are customized with a lot of home-made ingredients and often served in a personalized setup. Preparing these drinks is a culinary art in itself. Syrups are formulated to give the drinks a distinct flavor and appropriate glassware and ice-cubes are selected to make them look unique for the occasion or a party.

These cocktails are prepared with a special focus on the flavor and quality of ingredients used and the exquisite ‘looks’ and ‘tastes’ automatically creates a festive mood.


Frida Americana, a vegan Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, is one of the best places that serves a wide variety of handcrafted cocktails. A blend of fresh fruit flavors and other creative mixes give a twist to these drinks to make your happy hour truly happy.

Here are a few Frida Americana Cocktail Treats that you can enjoy:

Pasion Picante: This drink is specially crafted with rich ingredients such as the passion fruit nectar and pineapple infused tequila. It also has a special mix of Mama’s Boy mango and orange that gives it a citrus taste. This drink is served straight up in a martini glass with a chili rim – perfect for a fancy occasion.

Kappa Paloma: Made of premium Chilean pisco and blended with grapefruit, fresh lime and syrup, this drink is splashed with sparkling wine and soda that makes it very appealing for dinners.

Cucumber Pear Martini: With the exquisite taste of pear vodka and the crisp and refreshing cucumber combined with organic agave nectar, this drink is best served with a mild dust of chili.

Tres Verdes: If fresh mint flavors are your favorite, Tres Verdes is the perfect cocktail for you. It’s a seamless mix of mint, cucumber, jalapeno pepper, fresh lime juice and organic agave. It’s creatively combined with adequate amounts of tequila and Cointreau. If you are at Frida Americana, you just cannot miss this one!

El Jefe Mule: Patron Tequila Blanco, fresh lime, and sweet ginger – all served over ice in a copper mug making it an old, Mexican twist that is a both classic and traditional.

Ruby Red Lemon Drop: The Ruby Red Lemon Drop is quite a delight with it’s a combination of Premium citron vodka combined with fresh lemon, ruby red grapefruit juice and cranberry.

Peach Mojito: A delightful mix of peach and white rum, this drink also includes fresh mint and simple syrup. It makes a good warm weather cocktail.

Mexican Mojito: This traditionally Mexican drink is made from authentic Peligroso Tequila Reposado and organic agave nectar.

Coconut Mojito: Coconut and authentic mojito make the most delicious combination. It’s even more delightful when served with a coconut rim.

Mezcal Old Fashioned: An all time favorite with bourbon and scotch drinkers, this sweet and smoky cocktail is worth a try at Frida Americana.

Kappa Sour: Kappa Sour is made from Premium Chilean pisco and fresh lemon. A touch of simple syrup adds to the taste and is frothed with egg whites to give it an old school charm.

Enjoy these classic cocktails that are perfect for brunch, refreshing in the afternoon and invigorating during the happy hours in Glendale at a Mexican restaurant. They also go well with the host of Mexican dishes as their tastes are artfully balanced with a mix of sweet, sour, bitter and spirit!