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Get Spicy With It! Sunday Funday Starts With A Micheleda

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Happy hour Los Angeles is more entertaining if there are plates of spicy Mexican food around. Luckily, you can head over to Frida to get yourself a fill of their mouthwatering dishes. But it’s not happy hour without the drinks and since we are talking about Mexican cuisine, let’s talk about how great Frida’s michelada is.

There may be lots of places you can go to for a burrito or taco in Los Angeles. Their selection of drinks, however, is often as boring as water. The usual Corona and Negra Modelo may be flavorsome, but not as bold as a well-prepared michelada.

For a city that loves Mexican cuisine so much, Glendale seems to be naïve when it comes to this refreshing albeit spicy concoction. We don’t know if there are any other places in LA that offer this authentic Mexican cocktail, but we only got a taste of it inside the stunning walls of Frida Restaurant Americana. It is mainly made out of tomato juice, beer, lime juice, and hot sauce. It is often served in a salt-rimmed glass with a cube of ice or two.

Yes, it is an acquired taste and not a lot of people outside of Mexico know of its existence. Also, a lot of brewing enthusiasts may say that the ice cubes in the michelada are an insult to the beer brewing process. The full flavor of the Frida michelada is well worth it, though.

Consider this your warning: the hot sauce might give you a kick that you so long deserve. If you love lager, however, and you would like to deviate a bit from your old favorite, you will surely get a lot of benefit from the Mexican michelada. We don’t know if it should come as a surprise, but the cocktail actually quenched our thirst from eating too many tacos.

While we consider the michelada as a great alternative to lager, it did not taste like Cerveza at all. Perhaps the salt and the ice cubes tricked us into thinking that it’s actually a summer drink and we are somewhere in the beaches of Acapulco getting a drink right after a satisfying dive from the iconic La Quebrada cliff.

The michelada is a drink that’s common in Mexico where locals call it the chelada. We might try ordering it in one of the lesser-known Mexican restaurants but our wild guess is that it would take a lot of explaining before the bartender gets what we mean. And when he or she does, we doubt it will match the michelada served in Frida Restaurant Glendale.

They say, however, that there is no right or wrong way to concoct the michelada. In fact, this icy-hot cocktail has lots of names like Cubana, red beer, Mexican Bloody Mary, and yes, chelada. But since Frida is here, offering the happiest happy hour in Glendale, we’ll get our hands on a glass or two of this “beertail” whenever we can.