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Host a Taco Bar Party – Make Your Celebration Unforgettable

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Hosting a party need not be such a daunting task! You can spice things up and make your celebration memorable by hosting a Taco Bar party. The idea is to provide your guests with a variety of savory fillings, fresh sauces and other tempting Mexican toppings and allow them to assemble a taco of their liking while  you spend quality time interacting with guests rather than slaving away in the kitchen. Use all the popular Mexican toppings and make your party a big hit.

You can also avail Mexican catering services, but if you are planning on hosting the party yourself, here are a few things you will need to consider while preparing for the party:

  • Always set out the plates and warm tortillas at the beginning of the bar followed by the fillings.
  • After that you can place the salsa, sauces, vegetables and condiments.
  • Rice and beans can be placed at the end of the table.
  • The next step in setting up the table is to ensure that you have all the spoons, forks and serving spoons as well as tongs placed appropriately for each item.
  • Provide plenty of napkins and other utensils required for eating.
  • If you have a large number of guests, use disposable dishware. This makes the cleanup process after the party easy.
  • Finally, consider your menu well and ensure that you have flavors that blend and some flavors that contrast. It helps keep the menu interesting.

Now, let’s look at some of the most common food items you can use.

For the fillings


Fillings are probably the most important ingredients of a Mexican taco. A great taco is as good as the filling it has! Lime chicken, which is generally made of boneless chicken breasts and cooked in red wine vinegar with a punch of lime juice is one of the most interesting taco filling and a very popular one too. Carne Asada which is made of steak is another great taco filling. Other common fillings are ground beef and grilled shrimp that are seasoned with either lime or tomatoes.

Salsas and sauces

Among the most popular sauces that will spice up your party are Pico de Gallo, Guacamole or a sauce bought from the store can also serve the purpose.


Vegetables add a different charm to tacos. You can place shredded iceberg lettuce, shredded green or red cabbage, onions, black olives, cilantro, tomatoes, avocado, lime, bell peppers and lots more!


Sour cream is a very popular item that helps add flavor to your tacos. Other than that, you can place shredded cheddar cheese, cotija cheese or something similar.

Side Dishes

Black beans and Spanish rice are the top side dishes that can complete your  bar!

Mexican tacos set the right mood for a fun party and are a great way to keep the party alive too!