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Los Angeles for Foodies – How to Have the Best Dining Experience in LA

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Gravity-defying, lights out, and ticket-only dining is only some of the most iconic eating experiences every foodie must try when fine dining Los Angeles. LA has some of the most eclectic restaurants that take fine dining to a whole other level, starting with Dinner in the Sky, which has quite a literal, but extremely enticing take on the phrase (“a whole other level”). This local stop has a mission, and it is to bring a culinary experience visitors will never forget. The biggest draw of this sky-high restaurant is definitely its 360-degree dining experience. However, the culinary minds behind Dinner in the Sky take the experience further by creating one-of-a-kind dishes and meals that are simply to die for.

Trois Mec (loosely translated as ‘Three Guys’) is another fine dining Los Angeles stop you shouldn’t miss. The brainchild of three friends, Trois Mec offers an unconventional dining experience that is only accessible through a first and only one of its kind ticketing system—no reservations allowed. The restaurant dispenses tickets through an online booking site and tabs are available for parties of 2 to 6. If you want a taste of Trois Mec’s five-course menu and sample their freshest specialties, their tickets go on sale every Friday morning, 10 AM. During the best happy hour LOS Angeles restaurants come alive as thirsty patrons flock its famous watering holes.

While the dining in the dark concept has been around for quite a while, nothing does it better than the original Opaque—the first of its kind in the country. LA’s dining in the dark experience Is verily accessible, located in V Lounge, Santa Monica. Dine in complete darkness and experience scrumptious food with heightened senses at Opaque.

Frida Americana doesn’t have complex tricks up its sleeve—no fancy ticket-only system or lights out gimmicks—yet people still line up, especially after work. Pure and unadulterated good food and impeccable service are the biggest draws at this Mexican restaurant menu glendale. A popular stop in Glendale’s famed shopping avenue, Frida Americana offers the best of the best when it comes to Mexican grub based on well-kept recipes from across Mexico. Each dish served is guaranteed made from scratch, making Frida the go-to place when it comes to authentic traditional Mexican food made with the freshest ingredients. Thirsty for cocktails? Frida’s extensive bar has an endless stream of beers, wines, and spirits to satisfy.