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Tacos and Tequila For An Unforgettable Night

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Night revelry in Mexico is best enjoyed with a tall glass of tequila and some great authentic tacos. In fact, Tequilas and Tacos embody the vivid spirit of the country which is indeed one of the world’s prettiest nations! So a combine of tequila and tacos, is sure to get your party juices flowing.

Sink your teeth into Tacos for moments of ecstasy!

Tacos can famously take credit for being one of the first and most common Mexican delights that stole the heart of Americans. What’s so special about Tacos that Mexicans cannot miss it on their hangouts to their nearest Mexican restaurant or pub in Glendale or elsewhere in Mexico?  Despite its simplistic avatar, the corn-flour tortilla is wrapped around the choicest fillings, making it such a delightful feast bite. Little wonder then that even as other countries are enjoying its spicy taste, the food has become Mexican’s staple diet. Though the food is readily available for the pick at fast food chains and street-side food trucks, one must taste authentically prepared tacos to savor the real goodness of the fare.

Tacos bites that will delight through the night:

Chicken Tacos: You can exchange sweet nothings with your loved ones as you both munch into lip-smacking chicken tacos. They are beautifully prepared by serving deliciously cooked marinated chicken in a thin soft corn tortilla. Flavored with a topping of fresh cilantro and onions, you can team it with rice and refried beans.

Beef Tacos: Lip smacking juicy beef is symbolic of an authentic beef Taco serving. Your foodie friends will be chatting nonstop as this beef serving topped with the fresh cilantro and sinful onions, gets them into the best of moods. Beef Tacos in your near by Mexican restaurant in Glendale  will make it an unforgettable night if you are in the vicinity.

Veggie Tacos: For the health conscious types or those who want to experiment with a veggie reincarnation of a meaty Taco, opt for Vegetarian tacos. The tacos will be filled with sautéed asparagus and zucchini, topped with guacamole.  The soft corn tortilla will be so thin that you will delight at the freshness of your serving.

Fish, Pork and Steak lovers can also have a hearty meal with their individual Taco choices.

No night in Mexico is complete without a spin of Tequila revelry. The distilled beverage is made from the blue agave plants that grow primarily in the surroundings of the city of Tequila.

Best Tequila Choices to Choose from a Mexican Drink Menu


Savor the goodness of Fortalezaa a sweet flavoured “lowlands” tequila from the Mexican Drink Menu Glendale specials, made from agave that takes longer to ripen than highlands versions. The sweet salty flavor will leave a salty sea like taste on your tongue.

Casa Noble

Nothing taste better than a tasty handcrafted lowlands tequila like Casa Noble’s Joven which sits in oak for six weeks. You will experience the rich taste of dark chocolate without the interference of vanilla and butter flavors that one gets from oak.

Siete Leguas

Siete leguas has a clean rustic flavor as it is made by crushing some of the agave hearts using ancient donkey-pulled tahonas, stone-wheeled mills or modern sugar-cane shredders. Every batch of Siete Leguas is different as it uses a different mix and therein lies its enchantment. So be ready to smell and taste either spearmint, pine, earth, or cinnamon. Whatever the mix, the concoction is guaranteed to be smooth and perfectly balanced.

Tequila Tapatio, Herradura are also among the best tequilas around.

Wishing you an awesome Mexican night!